As most musicians were and still are deprived of the possibility to perform, a number of them have used this indefinite hiatus to explore unfamiliar paths. One of these is reflecting upon and writing about music.

Many artists write but their endeavours often stay unfinished in dusty cupboards. This is why, as most musicians were and still are deprived of the possibility to perform due to the Covid-19 crisis, we came up with the idea of collecting texts and publishing them in the form of a blog, thus making them accessible to all and creating a platform for the sharing of ideas. Prominent artists, experienced writers, talkers as well as young, experimenting with their writing skills, investigating new thoughts, are equally welcome.

This blog, unique in its concept, gathers texts written by musicians throughout the world of varied backgrounds and different generations from all over the world. It can consist of any form of reflection from a personal illustration of a musical work to a philosophical essay about any kind of music-related subject. The authors are free to modify or update their work at any time.

Every few weeks new texts will be published and the names of the authors will be disclosed in advance on our Facebook page.

We are extremely happy to launch this project and are looking forward to sharing different artistic reflections ! 

For any information or inquiry you are welcome to write a private message or send an email to the following address :


Nathalia Milstein & Nina de Félice

The Artist’s Blog Protocol:

  • Every article is unique and personal, therefore a subjective piece of writing
  • Articles are written or translated into English, ideas clearly expressed and well articulated
  • If any kind of source is quoted, it must be clearly stated and referenced
  • The nature and the length of the article are restriction-free. However:
  • Be it an essay about performance questions, a collection of thoughts or a harmonic analysis, the subject is seen through the writer’s eyes, but should never be the writer himself.

We are very grateful to the talented artist Isabelle Castro Balbi who designed the website logo and footer frames :


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